Search for All Brick Homes in Chattanooga

Although their are numerous construction types and coverings, perhaps the most popular and classic styles is the all brick home. All brick homes not only typically hold their value better than other coverings such as vinyl, stucco, or hardy board but also appreciate faster. Brick homes also add and extra level of protection from the elements and intruders which is especially important in newer green built homes as many now use a insulating styrofoam board as opposed to the traditional plywood. The reason brick is important in these energy efficient homes is because vinyl could be easily cut and allow access to you belongings and your loved ones.

Chattanooga All Brick Home Values

When building a home between 2000 and 3000 sq. ft. most builders will charge approx. $5000 for an additional side to be bricked which sounds like a lot but because most newer homes have at least the front bricked it is roughly $15,000 extra for whole home to be bricked. While you maybe thinking twice about the extra cost with today’s low interest rates that is really only about $75 extra per month.