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Downtown Chattanooga is a great area for lofts and loft-style condos. The majority of Chattanooga’s downtown area is overlooking or within a close proximity of the scenic Tennessee River. In addition there are a number of waterfront city parks for a leisurely stroll or for walking your pets such as Renaissance and Coolidge Parks.

What is a loft?

Traditionally lofts are located on top of a commercial building such as downtown shop or small business. However many people now consider a loft to be more of an open style condo where the floor plan is open and airy with as few walls as possible. That being said, their are a very limited number of true lofts in any downtown area but because of their popularity many developers have designed their condos to resemble lofts. Either way the open style living is great design for practically anyone wanting maintenance free living.

Why Chattanooga?

The housing market for both condos and traditional single family homes for sale in Chattanooga TN is perhaps one of the most steady and stable of an metro area in the Southeast and for good reason. Chattanooga offers homesites with both incredible mountain views and views of two beautiful and clear lakes. In addition there is a host of historical sites, outdoor activities, and local attractions to keep you busy. Also the greater metro area is conveniently located along I75 and I24 offering easy access to other major cities.