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Whether you a looking for log cabin or chalet for a weekend getaway or a luxurious estate style log home, you can find it using our user friendly home search. If you think that you are more inclined to build a log home, let one of our experience agents help put you in touch with a quality contractor so you know that your investment will be properly constructed.

Purchasing a Cabin in Chattanooga

Buying a cabin can be similar to a more conventional home in a lot of ways, but also has its own set of considerations that you will need to ponder.

Just like a typical home a cabin with a view, provided everything else is equal will be more expensive. However unlikeĀ all brick homes, most buyers searching for cabins expect some sort of view. The most common are (from least to more expensive) a preserve view, a seasonal or year round mountain view, a season or year round lake view, or a lakefront cabin. Because most buyers are looking for a view from their cabin, it is highly recommended that you purchase your investment accordingly. It is difficult to say with any accuracy which will of these will grow in demand compared to the others, but a merely as factor of value the more expensive cabin will go up in value faster. For example, if a $150,000 and a $200,000 cabin both appreciate at an equal rate of 5% per year the more expensive cabin will go up in value faster. After 5 years the $150,000 cabin would be worth $191,442 and the $200,000 would be worth $255,256. While they both appreciated at a rate of 27.6%, the $200,000 went up in value by $13,814 more than did the less expensive cabin.

Construction Type:
Cabins will also vary in price due to their construction type. The cost of which can will also vary in cost due to the size of the home vs. its type of construction and can be somewhat difficult to assess if you are not familiar with the construction process which is why we recommend that you work with an experienced Realtor to guide you through the process. However the following is a short list of cabin construction types listed by cost:

Lowest to Highest
1. Frame home with Hardy siding, a concrete board used to mimic actual wood (painted). While it using siding is usually mixed with another type such as stone or wood siding, a home built with mostly siding is usually less expensive.

2. Frame build with log siding. The siding is actually cut from a log usually 2 inches thick and used to mimic a real log cabin. The non-notched corners will be the indicator if you do not notice it by the naked eye.

3. Log home. Not much beat a traditional log home for the warmth and coziness of a cabin.

4. A log home mixed with significant stone work.

5. A cobble stone chalet or cabin. These are not as common but are quite expensive but very attractive and desirable homes.