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If you are looking for a gated subdivision with either a guarded entrance or a electronic coded security gate, you can use our advanced property search to find the perfect property in community that suits your needs. You may also want to do a broader search and browse all Chattanooga Area subdivisions.

About Chattanooga Area Gated Communities

Is living in a gated community right for you? There are many reasons to consider a gated subdivision but it is also important to remember that this type of lifestyle is not for everyone. Many younger families, singles, and retirees love the benefits and added security that a gated subdivision offers. Likewise a gated community is perfect for vacation ownership as well as absentee owners as it offers the additional security so that homeowners do not constantly have to worry about their investment. In the sense of the security of property and its owners, there is really no downside other that perhaps the added cost of gate mechanism or a paid guard which usually are minimal and well worth the desired security that they provide. However potential home buyers will want to consider their lifestyle as well as current and future needs from the property and be certain that their needs also coincide with the community’s protective covenants. As a new homeowner you do not want to start off on a bad note with your new neighbors or have to be reprimanded by the homeowners association. Moreover this is such an easy thing to avoid by simply asking if whatever you are concerned with is permitted.