Search Homes For Sale on Nickajack Lake

If you have ever driven South on Interstate 24 you probably have taken notice of Nickajack Lake which is one of the most beautiful lakes you could imagine to see driving through the East Tennessee Mountains. Nickajack Lake is actually part of the Tennessee River like other lakes such as Kentucky Lake, Wilson Lake, Wheeler Lake, and Pickwick Lake. So if you have ever visited on of these it is actually the same body of water just on a different dam further down the river.

About Nickajack Lake Houses

Nickajack Lake houses for the most part not only offer a enticing view of this pristine lake but also the peaks of the Cumberland Plateau and the Appalachian Mountains which makes these homes increasingly sought after. Nickajack is a great lake for both recreational activities as well as fishing. It is known by many anglers as being a hot bed for crappie and stripped bass as the area just below the dam is one of the best catfishing spots in the state. The great thing about Nickajack is that it is large enough for boaters and anglers to do their own thing and not be get in the way of the other.

Much like any home on the water the market for homes for sale on Nickajack Lake has remained very strong. Like the general market in Chattanooga, these lake homes have not seen the impact of the real estate bubble that many areas have experienced. The market for real estate in Chattanooga TN as a whole has remained very steady in terms of both number of sales as well as home values. So homes on Nickajack make a great investment not only because they are limited and lake homes are almost always in demand but also because the in and around Chattanooga is one of the strongest markets in the Southeast. If you would like more information about owning a home on Nickajack or Chickamauga Lakes, please contact us for more details.