Chattanooga Home Prices

Home prices in the Greater Chattanooga very stable especially in comparison to other nearby metro areas such as Atlanta and Nashville. The median home price is usually around $115,000 for the metro area, but areas some areas like the Lookout Mountain and Signal Mountain Real estate Markets can range upwards to $400,000 and $200,000 respectively.

Current Trends for Home Prices in Chattanooga TN

The current trend for the majority of area in and around Chattanooga is upward and it is expected to continue as the supply of available homes continue to dwindle. The Greater Chattanooga market has fared well since 2009 and is showing a steady appreciation in many areas. Although a considerable jump in values is not expected in the coming months a steady monthly gain is anticipated and is typical of the area. The market as a whole is not a volatile market where you can expect big gains in a given year like South Florida or the Las Vegas markets, but you also can feel safe in the fact that even in a bad year values typically will not fall more than 5%.