Search Homes For Sale on Chickamauga Lake

Whether you are looking for your next place to call home or a vacation home, a home looking over Chickamauga Lake is sure to please. Part of the beautiful Tennessee River system, Chickamauga Lake is great destination for both anglers and recreational boaters alike. Chickamauga is one of two local reservoir lakes within driving distance, the other being Nickajack Lake separated only by a dam.

About Chickamauga Lake Houses

Lake house on Chickamauga Lake are a great investment, being much like an home on the water they are in very limited supply and generally appreciate at a higher rate than not waterfront properties. One of the major concerns that is often overlooked by many lake home buyers is the stability of the lake levels. However this is not really a issue with Chickamauga or Nickajack lake houses as the Tennessee River system has one of the most stable water levels that you will find anywhere in the Southeastern United States having fluctuations of usually not more than a few feet. which greatly reduces concerns for docking and excessive erosion.

If you are looking for a lake home in Chattanooga, you really should consult with a Realtor who is not only knowledgeable with local market conditions, but also one that is a fellow boater and knows the waterways. This will ensure that you get the insight as to lake traffic and areas that are most suitable for your needs.